Hall and property protection outside public roads

There are many sensitive places in production halls, on company property and in parking lots. It can happen quickly – a forklift, pallet truck or even a transport truck damages a wall, a support column or a machine. The repairs can often be very expensive.

Our hall protection systems can prevent this type of damage, among others – in commercial, public and personal areas alike. We have the right solution for every danger area. Take advantage of our cost-effective standard solutions, or opt for a special custom solution that we expertly plan and implement just for you. An in-person site tour and on-site consulting are always part of the package.


Protection for halls and buildings

Protection for halls and buildings

We offer safety systems made from our proven standard safety equipment that can protect columns, steel beams and building façades from damage in the event of a collision. We plan custom designs for you based on the safety requirements in each situation (indoors or outdoors).

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Collision protection in parking lots

Collision protection in parking lots

Our crash barriers are also used in parking lots and parking garages, both to protect pedestrians and to mark traffic routes. We design and implement your tailor-made collision protection plan.

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Protection for plants and machines

Protection for plants and machines

Collision protection is especially critical for things like gas tanks. To avoid accidents in particularly dangerous areas, we provide you with the best-suited solutions for preventing damage.

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zu den ProduktenAdvantages and
areas of use:

  • Protection in halls and at industrial sites

  • In parking lots and garages

  • In front of high-bay warehouses in top-quality technical facilities

  • Cost-effective standard solutions and special custom solutions available

  • Narrow widths

  • One-on-one consulting from specialized personnel

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